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نوشته‌های شهزاده سمرقندی

Some people liked it and some a bit…

Bravo Shahzoda!
 I was so much delighted first of all to hear your voice on the radio and most specifically for the beautiful music which is being broadcast. Bravo indeed! Please for God’s sake help us get rid of those so called ‘underground music’ and give some real good stuff like the ones you have given today. Very brilliant indeed! I was flabbergasted when I heard them today. I was expecting something boring and disappointing. It was magnificent today.

 Thanks a million,


That was Daryoush’s email during the program. It is so much helpful, when you get a good feadback for the job you have done. I was very worried: Will “they” like it or not? , I mean the iranian youth. Apparently they did. Well, you never know. as long as i don’t get a bad emails I will take it as they did. So please defend your time in Radio Zamaneh and let me know what do you realy like to hear more. Coz I am going to play on your “nerves” much more often from now on. 
Thanks for your good comment, Daryoush!  Now I have more energy to cary on.
Bebakhshed ki ba Farsi nanavishtam. Az dahe subh ta dahe shab kor kardan, hatto agar dost doshta boshed ham khasta kunandast. In qadar ki baroi type farsi tanbali mekunam.
Amma it’s “so far so good” in Radio Zamaneh, please join us if you have a spare time for more fun.
By the way, my program “Mosigeyi Millal”- Central Asia is going to go another round on air, coz of your good comments. Injoy it, ones again!

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  1. No, Shahzoda! I loved it. This is beyond liking. Thanks for all the work. I hope I will never ever have to listen to some rubbish again when we do have such precious gems that you managed last night. Good luck and keep up the good work. I mean it from the bottom of my heart!

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