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نوشته‌های شهزاده سمرقندی

The Very Man Who Could Cry Out His Thoughts When It Was Forbidden


It was him Vladimir Visotskiy, who managed to write a poetry as open as no one could during the Sovet period. It was him, who could play Hamlet on theater stage and could choose death, while crying out the Truth of the Time, when no one could say a word. It was Him, who gave courage to a younger generation and brake the cult of fear and selfcensorship in USSR by his song and poems and by repeating ‘To Be Or Not To Be’ 300 times on stage.  

I remember myself imitating Him and trying to play a guitar as a teenager in my room full of His photos. This one was my favorite. I don’t know where it’s now. May be just left it, where I left my childhood. 

I was looking for His CD tonight, a friend of mine asked me for it, when he saw me making a program about Him. This program: Beloved Man and Brave Poet

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