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نوشته‌های شهزاده سمرقندی

I need an international lawyer

 ” Few days ago I got back from my boring night shift early in the morning and obviously could not go to bed straight away; sunrays were too beautiful to ignore. Opened my lap-top and started chatting with Esfandiar in Dushanbe who was trying to begin his working day, but found himself under numerous annoying questions of a sleepless buddy far away in Prague.

Apparently he had talked to a couple of Social Democrats about the 2003 Constitutional Amendments and their impact on the incumbent president. He opened my eyes to a terrific fact that visibly demonstrates illegitimacy of Emamali Rahmanov’s candidacy in the forth-coming election. ..”

Here he is coming up with a new idea to solve a deepest question in his society: “Now I need an international lawyer who could give me an unbiased expert view to scrutinize this ostensibly appalling breach of law on higher levels.”

O well! Just tell me what are you up to.

Read here at Thoughtland by Darius Irandost.

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  1. Shahzade-jaan,
    At the end of the day I really found out that Zaerov was right indeed and Rahmanov’s candidacy is illegitimate. The package is to be aired today and it’s online already. And I fathomed out another bitter fact too: Europe doesn’t care a damn about it. And why should they? It’s our own problem to be solved by ourselves, nah? Now tell me how? hmmmm not too much time left to form a formula…

  2. Btw, Shahzade-jan, I was looking for an international lawyer for my radio/online piece and I found them, but obviously none of them could utter a word about Tajik Constitution. thus, I had to turn to EU and OSCE experts and my findings are concised in a piece in
    Please let me know your own understanding of the issue.

  3. من شكستم اري
    تو شكستم دادي باده رنگ و ريا را
    تو به دستم دادي
    من غريبم اري تو غريبم كردي
    بي خبر از ايينه ها
    پر فريبم كردي
    تو مرا همچون شمع از سر جور و جفا سوزاندي
    تو مرا سوزاندي
    تو مرا بر در و ديوار بدي كوباندي
    من شكستم اري تو شكستم دادي
    تو مرا از بودن
    تو مرا از من و از ما و تو پنجره ها
    تو مرا از فردا…
    تو مرا از دريا…
    تو مرا ترساندي
    من اسيرم اري
    تو اسيرم كردي…
    بي خبر از باران..
    تو كويرم كردي
    از شراب دوري
    تو چه سيرم كردي
    من شكستم اري ..
    ..تو شكستم دادي
    باده رنگ و ريا را تو به دستم دادي

    مواظب خودت باش
    شاهزاده بي وفاي من…

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