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نوشته‌های شهزاده سمرقندی

The Month I Was Born Is The Harvest Season

I was born on 19th of November and it is the pick time of cotton harvest season in my country. As a pupil, student and as a teacher I had to celebrate most of my birthday patries on the cotton fields.

Once, I remember, when I was studying in the UK one of my friends brought me bunch of cotton and that was the worst present I have ever had. It almost made me to drop off my College and go back to make some changes there about this governmnet monopoly and propoganda, but… What I could have change on my own? So, I didn’t go back. I thought wasn’t a rigth time. 

I was a good cotton picker though. I used to carry on my shoulders more than 20kg, sometimes 22kg. I wanted to be good at every thing what was going around me. I was one of the best Kallashnikoff users at school during our military lessons. Yep, I had to be prepared to fight against the anamies of my country. I was always example of a great Komsomol at that time. 🙂 Now all of that idiologies are vanished and turned into an ash.

 I remember myself being paid for my cotton picking job only two or three times, because we had to pay for our food and all wages whould go for that. Sometimes it was fun.  We were encouraged all the time to have fun too. They made us think that we were working for our Country. We felt quit optimistic about what we did.

I liked the nights and evening gathering so much, when we had to warm up around a fair. We used to sing romantic songs with our group mates, play guitar and sleep in local schools. All the schools used to turn into sleeping camps. We never had enough food, though and always felt hungry and fed up of macaroni and black bread.

Ah, god bless my Father! He used to bring "palav" our traditional food for all of my group mates and including few bottle of vodka. We all used to look forward for him to drive over on weekends with my Mum. They used to drive through the cotton fields and find places where we were spread out. I mean me, my brother- Mohamad and later my sister Mahzadeh. 

My sister-Khanzadeh came back from cotton field, just recently. She teachs German in our local school. But Gulzadeh, my other sister, she had to bribe the local doctor to give her a medical letter, saying that she is 9 month pregnant. Because she was only 4 month pregnant! I know it is outragious.

Some used to fell in love during the harvest, some used to loose their virginity and some used to get pregnant. But for the local people cotton was and still is the chain around them, so they can not go further, even to other bigger cities or move to somewhere else, because they were born to pick up cotton and keep the cotton industry going in Uzbekistan. They are encouraged to pick more and more with their bare hands and good quality of cotton each year.
This video made me go back to my memories and sleepless. My shoulders are in pain not  because of the memories though, but because of filming all these days at IDFA. I wish there was a documentary about  Uzbekistan too. But allas…

Maybe it’s time for me to go back and pay my duty back to my people.  

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  1. частори зибои буд ва шумо ро виш аз пиш ба мо шеносонд. Ман дар чоигохи нистам ки бехохам аз шумо ишкол багирам уали шумо имлои уожаи “манзода” ро нодуруст невештид. “х”(h) охар дар забони порси нашанаи “е” аст . ва иак харфи чудогона нист. Пас баиад меневештид “mahzade” ио”golzade(gulzade)” ио “khanzade”. Бобати ин чисорат аз шумо пузиш мехохам . иак пусиш хам доштам. Пеики (Мачалла) “бухоро” гузориши аз хонуми шоир ба номи “шанзода назаруо” ( ки хеле хам шабихи шумо буд ) тахаииа карда буд. Бо ходам гуфтам шаиад хонуми “назаруо” хамон хонуми “шанзода самарканди”и худамон башад.оио гумони ман дуруст буд ва шумо хонуми назаруо хастид? Умидуорам ин пурсиш ро ба хисоби фузулии ман нагузорид. Бо сипос .

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