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نوشته‌های شهزاده سمرقندی

Sleepless Iran Is Not Planning to Rest

tehran sholough.اعتراض مردم علیه نتایج انتخابات ریاست جمهوری در خیابان های ته from radio zamaneh on Vimeo.

It is already two days that Iran does not sleep. Iranian People still have hope for change.
Reports from inside Iran talk about the house arrest of Mr. Mosavi and other candidates for presidential election and many of their supporters are being questioned.

While Facebook, Youtube and many other networks and websites are blocked and mobile phones are cut off, still there are many ways that protesters using to pass the latest news development.

Protesters say that there was a huge possibilities for fraud on vote counting, as election commission is under control of the government itself.

These are the massages being forwarding on Facebook by Iranians: "The other two candidates are house arrest, many other from their parties arrested, army is in the city beating people, cell phone network is down, so many obvious evidences of fraud in the election. and I wonder who in the world benefits from having A.N. in power that they keep a coup so quite?? and such a disappointment are NYtimes and BBC. There are FACTs that they are ignoring."Coup in IRAN: Cell phone network is down. Facebook, Youtube, and news websites are censored (filtered) and police agents are beating people in streets. Hey world! this is NOT our president"

-"to my non Iranian friends: He is not our president, he is the outcome of a fraud election".


Iranians abroad are also organizing protests against Iranian embassies around the World to express their support to protesters inside the country, as they also went to vote, but the result was shocking for most of them. They were sure Mr Mosavi was going to be a new president, but few hours later Ahmadinajad was announced the winner.

There were many massages telling about the plans for general strike on Tuesday. It seems Iran is not going to rest until they fix what they are protesting for.


یک پاسخ

  1. درود به تو هموطن گرامي
    براي مردمان ايرانشهر فرقي ندارد که در کجاي ايران بزرگ بزيند، همه ايرانيند و هموطن هر کدام در يورشها به گونه اي در پاسباني از اين فرهنگ کوشا بوده ايم.
    ضمن ابراز خرسندي از بازيابي حس باستانيمان به عنوان يک دوست و هموطن به شما خسته نباشيد گفنه و مشتاق داشتن ارتباط بيشتر با شما و ديگر همقطاران هستم.
    گل ما بي بهار مي رويد
    وسط شوره زار مي رويد
    به همه رنجهاي طاقت سوز
    ما در اين ورطه زنده ايم هنوز
    کاش کام زمانه شيرين بود
    حال تاريخ بهتر از اين بود
    باور کنيد دل من و همفکرانم هم به شوق سمرقند و بخارا مي تپد و نيمه اي ديگر از خود را در آن خطه ميبينيم.
    اميدوارم زمان پليدي ها را بزدايد و جوانان اين مرز و بود را متحد و يکدل به کار کمک به آيين خويش بگمارد
    با سپاس
    کاوه مرادي

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