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نوشته‌های شهزاده سمرقندی

Andijan massacre, 13 May 2005

Protest dedicated to the second anniversary of Andijan massacre is scheduled for Saturday, May 12 from 12pm till 2pm.
Address: Embassy of Uzbekistan, 41 Holland Pk, London, W11 3RP
Demands: International inquiry of Andijan events, freedom to political and religious prisoners. Please do come to support us and bring your friends along. Many thanks for your attention and I do hope to see you.
Craig Murray,
former British ambassador in Uzbekistan and the wirter of “Murder in Samarkand”
I have pinned his photo here in the corner, so you can recognise him, if you decide to join him.

2 پاسخ

  1. شازده درود بر تو
    من پيشتر هم براي تو پيام گذاشته ام
    آدرس الكترونيك شما چيست ؟
    در آن بخش انتخاب بين سركوزي و خانم رويال
    مي خواستم كمي درباره ي چگونگي شهرهاي سمرقند و بخارا به من آگاهي دهيد ، چون مي خواستم از اين شهرها ديدن نمايم
    اما درباره ي شركت در اين
    گردهمايي روبروي سفارت بايد گفت ما كه در آن كشور نيستيم برايمان شدني نيست
    پيروز و پايدار باشيد

  2. Only 20 person came to this protest and only two of them were uzbeks. Police didn’t allow us to line up in front of embassy. It was raining too.
    So, we did what we could, but it looks like noone cares any more or people are scared. Yes too scared to protest. But I wish they could come even with a masks on.
    Apparently, quantity is important not the quality.
    I am very greatful to Craig Murray and Penclub who supported us by coming and joining us.
    Please, go to youtube and get more infotmation and judge for yourself what we are protesting against.

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